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January 2022

Daily Inspiration: Meet Eric and Anna Madden of Rye Mountain Revelry

The Alternate Root

November 2019

"Austin, Texas-based Rye Mountain Revelry dub their brand of music Cosmic Appalachia. The sound can be heard listening closely to the self-titled release from the band, Cosmic Appalachia the clarion call of the mountains meeting an equally seductive siren song from open desert sands coming together as a mighty howl."

The Alternate Root  •  Top Ten Songs

October 23, 2019

"A heartbeat thump welcomes John Moreland into the #1 spot, the beat persistent underneath “East October”, an advance track from the upcoming (02-07-20) release, LP5, on the weekly Top Ten for Wednesday, October 23, 2019. Miss Tess offers her opinion as a title for her upcoming (02-07-20) release, The Moon is an Ashtray, and she lends her words to support the hypothesis on this week’s chart. Micky & The Motorcars sing a song for “Rodeo Girl” from their upcoming (11-01-19) release, Long Time Comin’, and they join an advance listen for Joe Henry, who offers “Bloom” from his upcoming (11-15-19) release The World According to Water. North Carolina duo Violet Bell offer howl from their recent debut release Honey in My Heart while The Highwomen smirk and share a future vision of love heading for an exit with “If She Ever Leaves Me”. Kinky Friedman, along with Willie Nelson joining in, presents the title track from his recent release, Resurrection, as River Drivers proudly claim the miners role of “Union Man” while Rye Mountain Revelry look for a way out of their coal mining town with “23-65”. Cody Jinks releases his second album in as many weeks, The Wanting, and shares the warning “Where Even Angels Fear to Fly” on the weekly Top Ten for Wednesday October 23, 2019."

The Deli Magazine

October 2019

"A slew of instrumentation envelops the grounded songwriting to create a feeling that the listener is just as much a part of the musical experience as the musicians. 'Holler Siren Serenade' finds itself in Dwight Yoakam’s wheelhouse, while the close inter-gendered harmonies on 'Whiskey Moon' hearken to an Appalachian Fleetwood Mac."

Twang Nation

October 2019

"Really enjoying the debut EP by Rye Mountain Revelry. Do yourself a favor and pick it up."

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