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“Austin, Texas-based Rye Mountain Revelry dub their brand of music Cosmic Appalachian…the clarion call of the mountains meeting an equally seductive siren song from open desert sands coming together as a mighty howl."  - The Alternate Root


The aural landscape painted by Rye Mountain Revelry is equally foreign as it is familiar. Blistering acoustic guitar, pristinely raw fiddle, and syncopated mandolin evoke familial and pastoral images of a secluded Appalachian front porch in the dim-lit glow of scattering twilight. Driving rhythms, pulsingly melodic basslines, and resolute lyrics create a sense of urgency and wonder, compelling listeners towards the search for something greater while simultaneously delivering an elegy for times not-so-long past. 


Though the band is based in Austin, Texas, the foundation of Rye Mountain Revelry was wrought in the coal-mining hills of Eastern Kentucky. From the same mountains as hometown heroes Dwight Yoakam and Patty Loveless, Eric Madden (vocals and guitar) pens songs of the road, worldly contemplations, and internal struggle. Finding his muse and soulmate in a girl from the Lone Star State, Anna Madden (fiddle and vocals) forms the other half of the heart of a sound that stretches the limits of time, space, and interstates. With fellow Texan, Dirk Sincler (guitar and mandolin), the band forms a transcendent Southern style dubbed “Cosmic Appalachian.” Absorbing influences from every outgrown branch of the Country Music family tree, the band also invokes shades of soul, blues, rock, jam, and psychedelia, oscillating between tender acoustic sensibilities and raucous punk ferocity. 

Since 2019, the band has released a seven-song EP and two singles accompanied by regular shows throughout Central Texas, hitting the stage at historic Texas venues like Gruene Hall, Luckenbach Texas, Coupland Dancehall, and Schroeder Hall. In addition to being present on all online streaming platforms, Rye Mountain Revelry’s music can be heard on terrestrial radio stations throughout Texas, Kentucky, and California. Fan-favorite single, “23-65”, remains the band’s most-streamed track and garnered a spot on The Alternate Root’s “Top Ten Song List” alongside songs by Cody Jinks and Willie Nelson.

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