Upon the release of their self-titled debut EP, Rye Mountain Revelry began to make a splash in the Central Texas music scene. Receiving notable recognition from local and national publications such the Alternate Root, Twang Nation, and The Deli Austin, as well as FM and internet radio play from Eastern Kentucky to the Texas Hill-Country to California, the band began to take hold of their craft, perfecting their sound in bars, breweries, and honky-tonks throughout the Lone Star State.

    With a full-length album planned for a release late Fall 2021, and a solidified band that includes Eric Madden (guitar, vocals), Anna Madden (fiddle), Barrett O’Donnell (bass), Tony Rincon (pedal steel), and David Pearson (drums), Rye Mountain is primed for an eventful new decade.

    The Madden’s vocal harmony is a standout for the sound that intertwines classic country, bluegrass, pop, and progressive/traditional Americana. The rhythm section lays down grounds for the fiddle and pedal steel to dance across as each tune harkens a new leaning towards the recent past.

• Notable Venues Played •

Coupland Dancehall

Cactus Cafe

Poodie's Hilltop Roadhouse

Mohawk Austin

Mercer Street Dancehall

Schroeder Hall