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© 2020 by Rye Mountain Revelry 


• notable venues played •

Cactus Cafe

Poodie's Hilltop Roadhouse


Mercer Street Dance Hall

The Backstage at El Mercado

Craft Pride

    Rye Mountain Revelry began when Eric Madden and his fiddle-playing bride, Anna, packed their two cats and scrappy dog into their Ford pickup and left Nashville heading southwest. The couple took up residence in Austin and came across local producer, Eric McKinney of Wonderland Studios, whom with over the next few months they recorded their self-titled debut EP. During the production process, the Maddens joined up with Austin bassist and songwriter, Barrett O’Donnell, who would join the outfit full time. Upon discovering that both E. Madden and O’Donnell were native sons of the Bluegrass State, a bond and friendship developed. Over the next year, the trio spent much time arranging new material and tightening up their repertoire. 

     Rye Mountain Revelry's sound was much more than guitar, fiddle and bass - the trio yearned for psychedelic twang and a tight, driving rhythm to round out the sound. Oklahoma-born pedal steel player, Tony Rincon, joined RMR onstage during their early shows, and eventually became a full member.  The group played with several drummers from the Austin-area, finally happening upon Abilene-native David Pearson. With a fresh, creative rhythmic approach and endless hot steel licks, RMR's sound reached new musical heights and began receiving attention from The Alternate Root, The Deli Mag and other music review sites.

     The band describes their sound as "Cosmic-Appalachian", which brings to mind something twanging on mountain banjos and dobros, but is open-ended enough for expansion. New-grass meets cosmic-country with nostalgic, yet fresh, vocals incorporating styles from folk, country, psychedelic rock-n-roll, and the musings and thought provoking lyrics of Eric Madden, RMR truly shines an original and progressive light on a blend of music not native to Texas, but with the delivery and style that might make believers out of the Lone Star State.